Susan Ohanian speaks up for young children

In the midst of current education policies that are harmful to young children, Susan Ohanian is a champion of young children, teachers, and developmentally appropriate education. You may remember she wrote What Happened to Recess and Why are Our Children Struggling in Kindergarten in 2002. During the past decade, education policies have increased the testing and decreased the play in young children’s lives. Still, Ohanian fights on. Here, at the Edu4 conference, she brilliantly sums up the current state of early education and helps unpack how we’ve gotten here.

We urge you to view Ohanian’s video – along with a collection of other inspiring and provocative videos – on the Reclaiming the Conversation on Education website. From their website:

On May 4, 2013, teachers, parents, students, scholars, and administrators gathered together at Barnard College in the city of New York to work toward the common goal of reclaiming the conversation on education. In the one day conference, they shared their experiences with educational “reforms”, imagined equitable and sustainable alternatives, built coalitions and supported resistance to the standardization, privatization and corporate take-over of education. These series of video interviews tell the story of the educators, scholars, leaders, parents, and activists in their fight for education reform. Watch, and join us in continuing the conversation.


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